My Expectations were SHATTERED!

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GPD devices have made their way onto the channels, and each one has been progressively better. This one has shattered my expectations!
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You_just 2 minuuttia sitten
Sounds like a good device for my field. I'm an IT technician at a university who's constantly schlepping around the (rather large) campus, and a device like this running Windows would be a great help. What would really put it over the edge is if they went full Switch and made it dockable. Being able to do work in the office on a trio of 4k displays and then just take it out of the dock to go on a ticket would be awesome.
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 13 minuuttia sitten
I think that Linus is obsessed with these “Non nintendo Switches”
Ben Cheshire
Ben Cheshire 22 minuuttia sitten
clawgrip is a problem on switch too, its not actually comfortable its just something you get used to
Jared Brown
Jared Brown 27 minuuttia sitten
1M dollars for a 720p display
Car CD
Car CD Tunti sitten
just plain "NO!" - this device is already looking fail - especially considering the screen size, one point you did not discuss was the screen brightness, which is seeming painfully low in the video ... heeeyyyyyyy, have you changed the policy about being able to buy a review in 2021?
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 12 minuuttia sitten
since when does linus have braces?
PawMaster Tunti sitten
we've done it boys, windows on a nintendo switch
Jonathan Simpson
Jonathan Simpson Tunti sitten
Wait, the only PS buttons I can see are the bumpers and triggers. The others are Xbox/Nintendo, so you've got 3 companies who can go after that handheld for copyright.
Britasha 2 tuntia sitten
1 day we will be playing Cyberpunk 2077 on mobile. RTX on ULTRA.
DrTipmack 2 tuntia sitten
Pea-sized thing has better specs than my entire setup :(
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter 2 tuntia sitten
PlayStation buttons? Look again.
준요리사비스킷-Z 2 tuntia sitten
this proves that the PSP was ahead of its time
buckykattnj 2 tuntia sitten
Add a 4G/5G cellular modem and streamline the ergonomics so it can be used as a cellphone and I'd ditch all the locked down bloatware smartphones from the big carriers in a second. Bonus if I can run Linux or LineageOS. I will be watching this product closely.
BostonBarrry 3 tuntia sitten
Maybe 10 Years too late?
Fabil Muneer
Fabil Muneer 3 tuntia sitten
What do people search on Cortana: Linus: weather
Chromatic Vanity
Chromatic Vanity 4 tuntia sitten
It's just a mock-Nintendo switch...what's the point of the flip up screen?! look 1 inch higher?!
ShortzYT Transit & Gaming
ShortzYT Transit & Gaming 4 tuntia sitten
why does linus look like a hipster living in downtown seattle
ZeroPointNothing 4 tuntia sitten
Love the new intro!
Arif k
Arif k 4 tuntia sitten
I will be playing Genshin Impact on this. Ohhh I love it.
Haisukimah 4 tuntia sitten
That’s a Nintendo switch but with a slide screen and it’s grey and black
Ugly Flower
Ugly Flower 4 tuntia sitten
since when does linus have braces?
Nick C
Nick C 4 tuntia sitten
Loving the look of the 2021 LG Gram!
Calvin Goh
Calvin Goh 4 tuntia sitten
linus looks like a hippy homeless guy now..
Kory Rude
Kory Rude 4 tuntia sitten
iLL wait til...ryzen i9...
m. shashi
m. shashi 5 tuntia sitten
Stop complaining dude. Be content.
Tristan Paguio
Tristan Paguio 5 tuntia sitten
Imagine if you're using this while lying down and it falls on your face
lilvtek 5 tuntia sitten
Where can I get one
Alex Whittington
Alex Whittington 5 tuntia sitten
So any news on the Alienware UFO? Still a pipe dream?
Carel Sánchez
Carel Sánchez 5 tuntia sitten
But it doesn't have unpluggable sticks :(
Felix O'Keefe
Felix O'Keefe 5 tuntia sitten
This thing has one function and that is to play games. So a sub par display is quite frankly inexcusable.
ali temori
ali temori 5 tuntia sitten
11:54 broforce is one of the best fun games
D'Angelo English
D'Angelo English 6 tuntia sitten
Sony need to come back with the PSP. It’s really that simple. They tried making phones. But like, hear me out, what if the phone basically clipped into a hand held device as a screen. Basically a thing now but they only add buttons for phone games. The hand held part instead would still give you the button layout, but also have a higher end mcpu/gpu. The tech is small enough to where they bulk of the device would be in the hand held part. So when not gaming you have a high quality phone. And when connected to the new psp it has laptop quality cpu/ram/GPU. The tech would need to be specifically made yes, and it will take a bit of ingenuity. But if you could basically play ps5ish quality games on a hand portable device you would be golden. They could also, with 5G even, sell people on the streaming games. And not just “small” ssd cartridges. Would be pricey, but if they could sell it for under $600, they would definitely take over the mobile market. Because it would be universal. Playing COD mobile, then switching to Far Cry 5 the next.
JC Not
JC Not 6 tuntia sitten
_how do you do, fellow kids?_
Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor 7 tuntia sitten
pls do a cyberpunk lets play on this
そら 7 tuntia sitten
Just dissapointed why didnt they make both amd too with amd ryzen 5 so you can choose
YamWarrior 7 tuntia sitten
When did Linus get braces?
mrdummy 7 tuntia sitten
Actually, i have here "Gaming" tablet with removeable controller part. It runs on Atom processor: Its this one: With much cheaper price too if you dont mind run it only on old games. Ofc this one is less great one but ergonomy with controllers are better here, and you can remove tablet part. It's also full Windows 10 here.
Isaak Thiele
Isaak Thiele 7 tuntia sitten
Linus roleplaying killjoy makes my day
Ross Davis
Ross Davis 7 tuntia sitten
thats literally a switch
Ulrich Kälber
Ulrich Kälber 7 tuntia sitten
That screen is almost the size of a smartphone, just a bit more and it might be an idea to put it into a VR headset. then the Batterys could be put on the Belt making the Handset lighter, and allowing for longer battery life.
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy 8 tuntia sitten
I think that Linus is obsessed with these “Non nintendo Switches”
brownstard 8 tuntia sitten
But how does it run DayZ standalone?
KajurN 8 tuntia sitten
Aya neo proved Ryzen on a handheld is possible so with that being a thing the GPD win 3 here is just not good enough. Why they're still wasting their time with intel graphics i'll never know.
jan harald
jan harald 9 tuntia sitten
anyone remember the Nvidia Shield? pretty similar, although android instead of windows, and discontinued, sadly but it's a well designed ergonomic design, they should take inspiration from, probably...
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy 8 tuntia sitten
But does it run crysis?
jnerdsblog 9 tuntia sitten
What expectations?? WHAT PRODUCT?!? At what point is a channel popular enough that they don't have to use clickbaity super-nebulous titles. I'm sure you're a nice dude, and you go get that money friend, but it's so offputting to me.
Tom Lis
Tom Lis 9 tuntia sitten
And the clickbait is back. Can't beat the algorithm, innit?
Pokemc0831 9 tuntia sitten
Is that nintendo calling?
Dinasov 10 tuntia sitten
2:39 "Playstation symbols", while showing the layout of the xbox symbols.
Tip Turkey
Tip Turkey 10 tuntia sitten
RIP Alienware, shoulda got that concept to market faster
HighClass Unreleased
HighClass Unreleased 11 tuntia sitten
I think Rocket League would be perfect on this device
Random things With Shawn
Random things With Shawn 11 tuntia sitten
It looks like a glorified Nintendo switch
Christmas Boat
Christmas Boat 12 tuntia sitten
When he said they put play station buttons i was triggered cuz those are Xbox buttons lol
supermod 12 tuntia sitten
oh! new sony Vaio UX in 2021
Raven Nocturnus Henderson
Raven Nocturnus Henderson 12 tuntia sitten
The missing angle on the controller part is a common issue with devices like that... same with the Switch and the Switch Mini.
SirBaron 12 tuntia sitten
was hoping he'd show some FPS numbers, and various games when plugged into the E-GPU.
Rain Celestine
Rain Celestine 12 tuntia sitten
Plugs in the external GPU, thanks for watching XD
Etop Owertwon
Etop Owertwon 12 tuntia sitten
Backed one. I really hope they will not fcku it up.
Dan Dragoi
Dan Dragoi 12 tuntia sitten
Why no Ryzen? The GPUs are much better.
Rodrigo Tassara
Rodrigo Tassara Tunti sitten
@Dan Dragoi gpu is faster, go check the numbers
Dan Dragoi
Dan Dragoi Tunti sitten
@Rodrigo Tassara maybe for cpu, but I doubt its gpu is faster
Rodrigo Tassara
Rodrigo Tassara Tunti sitten
no, intel xe is faster than ryzen 4000 mobile apu for now and amd 5000 mobile apu isnt even out
Koos van Heusden
Koos van Heusden 12 tuntia sitten
But does it run crysis?
joaquin beltran
joaquin beltran 12 tuntia sitten
Walter P
Walter P 13 tuntia sitten
So much effort put in engineering a beautiful product that won't sell.
RufflePops 13 tuntia sitten
The title should have been “Downloading Windows 10 on a Nintendo Switch”
Uzumaki 14 tuntia sitten
looks cool
Varun K
Varun K 14 tuntia sitten
Finally a pocket Plex server
lostn65 14 tuntia sitten
i did not find the switch comfortable to hold because the joycons were flat and lacked ergonomic curves or wings. I had to buy a grip that added the curved padding for it to be useable. This at least has some curves but probably needs more work.
Arsen Here
Arsen Here 15 tuntia sitten
linus... trade 2 580s for 1080? cant afford one rn and neither of my 580s will sell. need it for content creation.
Andrei 16 tuntia sitten
I got Rickrolled
joaquin beltran
joaquin beltran 12 tuntia sitten
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 16 tuntia sitten
I think that Linus is obsessed with these “Non nintendo Switches”
Joey Guo
Joey Guo 16 tuntia sitten
But can it run cyberpunk 2077?
Leach シ
Leach シ 16 tuntia sitten
When the comments are more entertaining than the video:
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 16 tuntia sitten
Grumpy Robin
Grumpy Robin 16 tuntia sitten
2000s UMPC flashbacks!
Abraham Cervantes
Abraham Cervantes 16 tuntia sitten
I am a Nintendo consoles user of “all life” and the only buttons that I can remember perfectly well are the PS ones
Abraham Cervantes
Abraham Cervantes 17 tuntia sitten
Wow, that device looks cooler than ever.
Tony Zhu
Tony Zhu 17 tuntia sitten
An Mid-End Graphics Dock + External Monitor. Pretty good all around little station.
01001101 01010111
01001101 01010111 17 tuntia sitten
That's what a Game Gear would look like if it was made today.
DylanAtkins11 17 tuntia sitten
playstation lol its an xbox layout
Hexacus 17 tuntia sitten
Nobody gonna mention the "playstation symbols"?
Xtreme Garrage
Xtreme Garrage 17 tuntia sitten
Hey, i am jealous, variable switches?!
Xtreme Garrage
Xtreme Garrage 17 tuntia sitten
Also it looks like nintendo switch
Xtreme Garrage
Xtreme Garrage 17 tuntia sitten
Im a bit of a boomer, so ill admit, i like the slide up screen!
LCX Gaming
LCX Gaming 17 tuntia sitten
Isn't it a Nintendo Switch that can run Windows 10!
Tony Kasunic
Tony Kasunic 18 tuntia sitten
Why is Linus dressed up like Scuba Steve? #halloweenready
Bubu the Giant
Bubu the Giant 18 tuntia sitten
Henry Chan
Henry Chan 18 tuntia sitten
This is awesome, the best handheld consloe if it can run plenty of games without lag and long battery life
Henry Chan
Henry Chan 18 tuntia sitten
It needs to have spare battery possible or charging USB so that you can last 14-25 hours long flights without having to cut back on a minute of gamming.
Henry Chan
Henry Chan 18 tuntia sitten
This is something I would dream offf only if the battery life is fair enough and you can swap battery or charge it on the fly usingg a USB bank book. Also need to be low lag for plenty of games
Henry Chan
Henry Chan 18 tuntia sitten
The joystick position is in the worng place, it has to be in the bottom all the time for racing game dudes. Not on top
LVL 001
LVL 001 18 tuntia sitten
Luis Balbin
Luis Balbin 18 tuntia sitten
Doom Eternal doesn´t work on any intel graphics, I tried it with my lenovo laptop, no luck.
Princey6sams 18 tuntia sitten
Watching on my dual core E6600 dinosaur or a pc💀💀💀
.M.D.M. 19 tuntia sitten
Glad do see competition in the hand-held console market.
Nathan Zhang
Nathan Zhang 19 tuntia sitten
i believe the price is 800 USD
Goreface69 19 tuntia sitten
Wow... you could do that on the psvita. That was uncalled for. RIP vita
kai venn
kai venn 19 tuntia sitten
good for old game
Asher Williams
Asher Williams 19 tuntia sitten
Bruh, just get switch?
BlackStealth 19 tuntia sitten
The design is literally looks nothing like the switch. The only thing they have in common is videogames. It's copying the Sony VAIO UX Micro PC which was a UMPC from 2006.
Crack Man77
Crack Man77 19 tuntia sitten
that smile looks very special ed
Gallant Soul
Gallant Soul 19 tuntia sitten
Finally a GPD device I actually want to own. This thing is sweet. My dream device is this device in this size but with arm + nvidia gpu combo. Just waiting for microsoft to pull their weight for 64 bit arm emulation
Caldogs 20 tuntia sitten
Linus should take this as a sign to not set expectations..
Michael Pack
Michael Pack 20 tuntia sitten
Bruh bench¿?¿
fungalwater 20 tuntia sitten
This thing has 16GB ram but my bulky 14 inch laptop has 4GB :(
nexus1g 20 tuntia sitten
I would think that AMD is ahead of Intel on SOC's, especially in regards to GPU performance.
Fuseteam 20 tuntia sitten
but does it run ubuntu touch? :^3
ScreaminMadMurphy 20 tuntia sitten
m'boy linus needs some cash or something. dude dresses and looks like a straight hobo.
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